George Coope




Polyswitch | Android | Unity 2016

99 Steps

99 Steps | Android | Unity 2016

Floaty Boat

Floaty Boat | Android | Unity 2015

Heroes And Villains

SUPA | Unity 2015

Panda Crunch

Panda Crunch | Android | Unity 2015

Sky Crystal Adventure

Sky Crystal Adventure | Unity 2015

Porky Piggu Adventure

Porky Piggu Adventure | Unity 2014


SpeshCraft | Unity 2013

Repetetive Zombie Injury

Repetetice Zombie Injury | HTML5/JS 2013

HTML5 Particles

Particle Effect | HTML5/JS 2012

Flying Fork Fandango

Flying Fork Fandango | HTML5/JS 2012

Project appear in reverse chronological order. Working builds for old Unity web projects are coming soon!


Hey, I'm George, I've been coding and developing games since 2011. During that time I've dabbled with a bunch of languages including C#, Python, JavaScript and a few more. My one true passion is Unity3D / C#, which is my go-to engine to develop with. I've been using Unity as a hobbyist for 5 years, 4 of them as a hobbyist and 1 commerically. I have also used Pygame, Unreal Engine 4, GameMaker, HTML5 Canvas, XNA and LWJGL.